When Children Do Not Want To Learn

It’s called children (primarily ages 7-12), besides attention spans are still short, their learning readiness can also change. For example, when in their schedule is mathematics, it is uncertain they are ready to learn mathematics.

This unpreparedness can be influenced by not a few factors, like fatigue, hunger, anger, not mood or even being excited to do something else.

For my child, sometimes if he is not a little writing / drawing ideas, so he is not concerned about being told to study mathematics. Especially if the mother is cranky, their mood is fast changing tongue emoticon.

If you are not ready, whatever lessons are offered, even comfortable and mastered events, it becomes difficult to enter. He looks like he has self-defense, he doesn’t want to open his brain for information on the book page or the board in front of him. In this situation, forcing it to study, will be in vain. Especially with pressure, like a test, forced to understand or be asked in front of a crowd. Until finally the child can be considered foolish and embarrassed. The effect is again. The child can be resentful with the practiced eye in front of him.

So what should I do? For my empiric, the first thing I do is stop learning. Yes, use it. If the child can’t do it when we teach something, it doesn’t mean that he can’t. But at that time he didn’t want to.
The second way, I explore looking for other tips to discuss it. Usually when the child finds a technique that he can understand, vent directly out. Like to say, the method that I had never been taught before, or I was tired of wanting to sleep first, or I didn’t have the chance when this one remembered, etc.

For children and parents, they are open to each other. The learning process is easy. The child no longer has the self-defense to open all his thoughts and receive information.

The third way, brain break games or chat. They are melting the situation. Not only does the child need it, but parents also need it. Because usually, parents are tensed.

But what if they have to take the exam? I prefer children not to study when they want to take an exam. Let them play, make sure they take a walk and be happy. Study it in advance.

In essence, teaching children to learn is concerned with learning to understand the child’s situation. It doesn’t need to be forced to learn, after all, until it’s angry and said to be ignorant because it doesn’t understand. All these children are geniuses. Only, you who often create them lose self-confidence.

How about studying at school? Yes, not quite the same. If children are not ready, they can be more challenging to receive lessons.
It seems like the same tips can be applied, huh. If there are other tips for school children, mango is added to the comments column.