Quick Guide of Choosing a Good Day Care for Children

Day Care

In this age, the role of a mother is no longer just a housewife. Most mothers now work full time, which makes them have to leave their children to be cared for by others during their work. Today, daycare is the choice of many mothers because it has many advantages. Some of them are independence and the spirit of socialization of children who are trained from an early age.

However, there are many pros and cons to entrusting children to daycare compared to being raised by their parents. Psychologist Toge Aprilianto expressed his view, “ideally, every child is taken care of directly by his parents. But conditions are not always ideal. Therefore, parents must determine what kind of assistance is needed because daycare is essentially a tool. ” In addition, he also said that parents must ensure that daycare policies are in accordance with the desired parenting. “Because it certainly doesn’t make sense if parents leave their children with those whose parenting patterns don’t match what the parents use, right?” he explained further.

In addition, he also explained the effect of daycare on the psychological condition of children. According to him, it depends on whether the child agrees to be entrusted in daycare and what is experienced by the child during daycare. “If the child wants it, there is no problem. If parents want it, then techniques need to be considered so that children also agree to be entrusted in daycare, whether made like or made necessary, “he explained.

Day Care

In choosing a daycare, of course, there are some things parents need to consider. What are the criteria for good daycare? What questions need to be asked? Check out the short guide below!

Good daycare criteria

1. Reputation and credibility

First, make sure the daycare that is chosen has a good reputation. Do research and surveys in advance to check whether daycare has ever been or is involved in the issue of bullying, kidnapping, and pedophilia. Also, make sure that the daycare is credible, in the sense of having a business license, and the caregiver is qualified. Even better if the daycare team is equipped with nutrition and health experts, clinical experts, and child development experts, and trusted security officers.

2. Clear policy

Choose daycare that has clear policies and SOPs, and make sure parents know the policies before leaving the child. For example, what is the procedure if there are sick children, what are the policies for unvaccinated children, and so on. Daycare policies for caregivers also need to be considered. For example, how daycare deals with irresponsible caregivers or how they select caregivers for children.

3. Curriculum

Next, the good daycare center also has a patent curriculum, and the manager can explain to parents how to apply the curriculum according to the child’s personality. Of course, the curriculum must stimulate child growth and development. Parents can certainly ask for a syllabus to see in detail what is learned by children every day. Some daycare also involves parents in the education process in certain activities such as field trips or performances. Finally, pay close attention to the available teaching staff to ensure the curriculum implemented by Daycare can be distributed well to children.

4. Facilities

In addition to teaching staff and caregivers, daycare facilities also need to be considered carefully. Is the classroom neat and is the child’s nap room separate? Also, pay attention to the playground, is it spacious and comfortable for all children to play in the same place? The device must also be able to support the child’s development. In addition, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of each classroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

5. Location and hours of operation

The last criterion will be different for each mother. However, ideally, the daycare location is not too far from the residence so that the transportation and pickup process becomes easier. In addition, pay attention to the operating hours of daycare and adjust to the parents’ daily schedule.