Homeschooling for Children Don’t Just “Want”

Homeschooling or in free translation is interpreted as “home-school,” now it is felt like an educational choice that has its charm that does not have a school.

Not many parents who start choosing to continue their children’s education through homeschooling. One consideration, parents, view homeschooling more appropriate to develop the talents and interests of the baby.

Do you belong to parents who also have an interest in realizing homeschooling for the continuation of children’s education? Choosing to homeschool is legitimate. However, very important, the option was implemented with careful consideration, not just wanting. Because the option “school at home” also has a minus plus.

In the past, I had time to chat with educational experts in Surabaya. Many educational issues are the subject of our discussion. One of them is about homeschooling.

Well, according to information from the education expert, the term homeschooling developed initially in the United States. Initially, because parents have children with particular needs that are somewhat difficult if (education) is handled classically and their parents have skills in children’s education, then their parents can provide specialized treatment for children.

Referring to this context, the main principle is that not all children will be suitable if they have to go through homeschooling at home. And also, not all parents can hold homeschooling in their homes.

However, in its development, the original context has changed. Now, the arguments of parents realize “school at home” for their children among the main ones because they are busy.

Besides, the argument also protects children as the issue of child bullying occurs in the school environment. Or even because you want the children to learn exclusively with teachers who have a teaching approach in contrast to the general learning space.

Of course, the application of homeschooling has a minus plus. There are advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, there is more space for parents to arrange their children’s learning hours. Children’s learning hours will be in harmony with the work schedule of parents. And indeed, from time flexibility, homeschooling has not a few pluses.

But on the lack side, the education expert reminded that the vision of education that must foster children’s awareness to grow socializing in a community and get used to collaborating is weak. Well, if you talk about homeschooling, this side must be handled and strengthened so that children can be engrossed in themselves, but they are unfamiliar with their more full social environment.

Also, with homeschooling, education requires high costs to the point that not all children can be applied to this homeschooling.

In conclusion, choosing to homeschool for children cannot be just because they want it, also, not only because of the consideration of financial capabilities. However, the most important thing is fulfilling the right aspects of educating children.

Therefore, before parents realize homeschooling for their children, the argument must be guaranteed why should homeschooling be chosen. It must be witnessed whether indeed his child as if following classical mass education, is instead an obstacle so it must be homeschooling. So there is a consideration of the relationship with children and the relationship with parents.