8 Child Rights Everyone Should Know

8 Child Rights Everyone Should Know

Children are the next generation of the nation in every country. In order to create superior next generations, children’s rights must be fulfilled to create good growth and development. Unfortunately, many do not know or even ignore the rights of children that they should get.

Children’s Rights that Must Be Fulfilled

The number of cases of discrimination against children made the United Nations even set November 20 as Children’s Day to remind everyone of the importance of having awareness for the welfare of all children in the world. The following are the rights of a child that must be fulfilled by people in their environment.

1) Protected from Discrimination

Every child has the right to receive equal treatment in general terms and applies to everyone, for example the right to receive the same respect as other people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, physical appearance, economic status, religion and personal identity other.

2) Getting an Education

Every child has the right to a proper education. In Indonesia, especially at elementary to high school levels, it is free. This is one form of government work to provide the right to education to every child. Furthermore, parents must try to be able to give these rights to children.

The adults around him must help children gain knowledge, develop talents, and teach them to form good personalities. Education is one of the most important rights for a child to get.

3) Health

Every child has the right to live and get good health care. Children’s rights in health are such as getting nutritious food, clothing and clean water, living in safe housing, and maintaining their physical, mental and emotional health. The government also provides health care assistance for families who can’t afford it.

4) Identity

When children are born, they must be immediately registered with the government so that they have a clear identity and are recognized by law. In addition, they have the right to know their true identity, starting from their name, date of birth, place of residence and parents. Children have the right to receive, access and submit their own identity documents.

5) Privacy Protection

Children’s privacy is more vulnerable than adults. Have you ever seen an artist couple who had problems and then their children were blurred out in the media or something like that? Yes, that’s one way to protect children’s privacy. Children should not be involved in the problems of their parents.

Not only that, children’s rights to privacy must be protected by everyone, even the law, namely privacy regarding family, residence, communication, and other reputations.

6) Freedom of Thought and Opinion

It is often found that adults forbid small children to participate in thinking or opinions on the grounds that they are still small. In fact, every child has the right to express what is thought, learned, and felt, as long as it does not harm other people.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion, including children. As long as their opinion is correct, adults must provide a place for their opinion.

7) Access to Information

Every child has the right to have access to information from various media, such as books, the internet, radio, newspapers, television and other media. However, adults need to supervise and ensure that the information received by children is information that children deserve.

Not only that, this information is not dangerous when it is known by a child. At the age of growth and development, children need to get various information that is important for their development. Therefore, the government must also take part in providing media information that is easily accessible and understandable to children.

8) Protection from Exploitation

Every child has the right to receive protection from all kinds of exploitation, such as economic exploitation, social exploitation, and sexual exploitation. Self-exploitation is the act of using children for the interests of the perpetrators themselves which makes children lose their rights.

Every child has the right to protection from the exploitation of everyone, starting from the government, parents, family and other adults. Therefore, if you know of child exploitation and are able to report it, report it immediately to the authorities.

Children’s rights are the same as adults and other citizens. They must grow properly and prosper in a society that loves them, protects them, and respects their rights.