101 Homeschooling Preparation


One alternative education method that is increasingly attracting parents is homeschooling or independent schools that are carried out individually or in groups. Layman’s explanation of homeschooling is learning not in formal school. In Indonesia, this home-based school is legal.

Know first what is homeschooling

Seeing the many interests of parents to implement this method of homeschooling makes some institutions come to use the term homeschooling for the independent school they provide. This institution usually facilitates not only the place of learning but also the curriculum and teaching staff.

This is different from what was done by Yulianti Hendra, one of the parents who applied homeschooling to their children. “The definition of homeschooling we mean is home learning that is customized or adapted to the child’s condition and is relevant to the educational needs of children,” explained Yulianti, who with her two friends, Ning Nathan and Natalia Ridwan wrote the book Home Learning: Learning Fun Without Limits.

Whereas the homeschooling made by the institution, according to Yulianti, is more for Flexi-schools. “Children are registered as students in certain schools or institutions, but their presence is flexible, for example, only three days a week or only certain subjects. The curriculum is made by institutions, so it is difficult to adjust to the needs and conditions of children, “said Yulianti.

Formulate first what is the purpose of homeschooling

If you choose to do home-based learning at home that is managed independently by parents, then Yulianti suggests formulating in advance what the child’s educational goals are. “The reason must be answered first. Why this educational goal can be achieved by homeschooling. ”

If not, continued Yulianti, many parents were then trapped moving schools to their homes. “This will prevent parents from benefiting from flexible, customized, and contextual homeschooling. What exists instead is frustration.

Yulianti then gave an example of conditions that might make parents simply move schools to their homes. At school, children must sit on a bench and may not eat in class. But once the homeschooling method is applied, it turns out that children do not always like to study in a learning chair, sometimes on the couch or even in the kitchen looking for food. “If you stick to rigid schedules, parents can be irritated for fear of not achieving the target. Parents often forget that home is different from schools that have to be disciplined because there are many students. ”

Therefore according to Yulianti, the method of homeschooling also emphasizes the importance of parents’ awareness to participate in learning. This reflects on his own experience of successfully implementing fun homeschooling after finding a new understanding of education. “Learning is not just a matter of academics, but the whole life is endless.”

Turning home into a fun place to study

After the concept of homeschooling has been formulated, parents can look for information about the curriculum, the community, and the closest location of the implementation of the package exam. According to Yulianti, this can be done by gathering information through the internet or meeting families directly implementing homeschooling and through the community.

Then condition the house as a pleasant place to study. At least there is a desk or a fixed place to put books and various learning supplies. The goal is that children can easily take and store it themselves. “Only after that plans a learning program, ranging from schedules, strategies, and systems so that children stay motivated to learn and keep socializing,” said Yulianti.

To keep children motivated to learn on their own, Yulianti applies a goal-based learning system rather than sticking to the schedule. “Based on goals, so they set their own learning goals every day.” What Yulianti did then only made the learning standard start at 8 am and finish it as the children wanted. “But their goal that day must be completed that day. It must not be continued on the following day. This is more effective for my children, and every family has its own tricks. ”

In addition to being based on goals, Yulianti also applies a reward system or gives appreciation to children if they succeed in achieving their goals prematurely. “If it’s finished before lunch, there are plus points, so they continue to be motivated.”

Another thing parents also need to take into account when wanting to implement homeschooling is to prepare themselves if it turns out the child wants to return to formal school. Parents must know how to prepare for legality. “All possibilities must be anticipated, including that the ability of parents to teach children is limited. So what needs to be taught is how to learn and like to learn, because parents are only as supervisors in the homeschooling method.